Switchboard and Switchgear are indispensable elements in modern industrial manufacturing and processing plants as well as in various types of enterprises. Prefabrication of control cabinets is the process of their early preparation and subsequent assembly of the finished component at the destination. In the design and manufacture of control cabinets, we place particular emphasis on the quality of components used. We only use welded components from reputable manufacturers that ensure the highest level of reliability. Our cabinets control complex production and processing processes and any failure could be far more expensive than purchasing solid and reliable components. Cheap components are only apparent savings, which may bring counter-productive effects.

An important issue from the user's point of view of the control cabinet is its coherence and legibility. We would like to emphasize that the wardrobe should be made in an aesthetic and transparent way, and the user would have no doubts what the individual elements of it would serve. Depending on the needs, control cabinets can be equipped with control, measurement, signaling, protection and regulation systems.

We approach each project individually. We start work by defining the needs, requirements and ideas of our clients, indicating the optimal solution for each case. We manufacture control cabinets in accordance with the project provided or based on predefined assumptions, strictly according to the needs.

After the completion of the assembly, we perform all the necessary tests and provide our clients with high quality as-built documentation, which is essential in the daily work process and extremely useful in the event of possible modernization and changes in its existing functioning.

We have appropriate knowledge and many years of experience in prefabrication of control cabinets, which allow us to provide reliable products ideally suited to the needs of our clients.

Our services are directed to various industries from food, chemical, textile, printing to wood processing. The control cabinets manufactured by us operate in wood sorting, fish processing, paint production, sorting garbage and many others.

We build zafy based on Siemens, Beckhoff, Mitsubischi, Schneider, Eaton, Hager, Schrack, Lenze, Relpol, Finder, Phoenix Contact, WAGO, Rittal and Euradrive components. We operate quickly and reliably optimizing costs so that they do not mean a potentially greater failure rate. The solutions used do not have to be the most expensive but they must be checked!

In the field of control cabinets, we offer our clients such services as: design of control cabinets, prefabrication of control cabinets, assembly of control cabinets, construction of control cabinets, manufacture of control cabinets.

Switchboard in the UL standard

We have the necessary knowledge and experience in the prefabrication of control cabinets for North America (USA and Canada) compliant with the UL standard. The UL standard for control cabinets defines the requirements for the proper selection of components, cabling methods and short-circuit current ranges. If the automation cabinets are prefabricated based on the requirements and recommendations of the standard, they meet the requirements for their introduction to the US market. Our team will make every effort to meet the various requirements of customers' requirements in the field of supplying automation systems that meet the requirements of the UL standard.

Switchboards and high-current switchgears

We are able to make from very small switchgears to professional high-current switchgears. We provide switchgears for smaller buildings such as single-family homes, as well as for larger facilities such as shopping centers, office centers and multi-family houses. Highly qualified staff allows for fast and reliable order processing.
On the equipment we have many specialized machines, including CNC machines for machining copper bars. With the use of these machines, we perform bending, cutting and punching of busbars in a very short time.