Modernization of machines such as milling machines, lathes and machining centers. We design automation and executive electronics systems commonly used in industry. We modernize traditionally controlled machine tools for CNC machine tools to adapt them to new technological needs. It is not always necessary to replace expensive machines and devices costly. Sometimes it's enough to replace the controls to breathe new life into the machine.

When should you upgrade your CNC machine:

  When the control and electrical components are out of date

  When machines are subject to frequent failures

  When there are no spare parts available to remove failures and repair the machine in its present shape

  When control is not able to meet new challenges and expectations

Depending on the needs and expectations of customers:

  We choose and deliver components

  We exchange control elements

  We exchange control cabinets

  We exchange operator panels

  We prepare documentation

  We carry out measurements and commissioning

Our offer also includes services in the field of robotics:

  Selection of station elements

  Programming, commissioning and integration of robots with existing automation systems

  Modernization of robotic positions

  Replacement of control systems

  Preparation of project documentation